G2O optimization

This is going to be a really quick tutorial on how to visualize the results of the sphere optimizatino and the slam2d optimization of G2O. Sphere We first are going to run the sphere optimization. We start by creating the sphere. Running this program will create a sphere.g2o file that hold a sphere object to optimize. […]

g2o tutorial

How to use G2O Here is the code from the file tutorial_slam2d.cpp: And now a little more explanation : First step : create the simulation We want to simulate the passage of a robot going through a grid and observing landmarks. The class SE2 represents vertices and edges made of 2D isometries between poses. Simulator possesses a […]

Fedora23 and Ros INDIGO

When bugging on fatal error: assimp/aiScene.h: No such file or directory<code> for the</code> geometric_shapes package, as magic as it sounds, for it to compile I have to had the print in the CMakeLists.txt file here : Also see this

Note taking and science

Hej all, I find it very hard to get organised with my project at work. Indeed, my old tools for productivity didn’t scale with the size of my current project and I needed to find something new. So I’m going to write here my experience with different tools. Evernote I’ve heard a lot of thing […]

Boost Graph v2

Hello all, This is an updat of the boost graph tutorial you’ll found here What changed ? Ok so I’ll assumed you’ve read the last tutorial on boost graph I made or at least skimmed through it. In the last version, I was using indexes to go through the Graph and vertex. Even worst, I […]

Kalman Filter C++

Hello folks, So it’s yet another Kalman filter tutorial. My main source was this link and to be honest my implementation is quite exactly the same. But in C++. I just though it would be good to actually give some explanation as to where this implementation comes from. My goal was to filter a random […]