ROS Kinetic on Fedora 26

It is time for another ROS on Fedora post 😀 ! The tutorial on ROS on fedora 25 is sadly not enough to get ROS working on Fedora 26. So here goes. As in all other tutorials, one needs to start by downloading every ros packages. However, opencv3 compiled with qt5 is in the repo […]

Free space aware Voronoi diagram

Quick intro In this article, you will find a method to extract an extended Voronoi Diagram from an image. This method takes in account the topology of the free space to post-process the Voronoi Diagram. The Voronoi diagram is extensively used in all sort of situation: skeletonization, matching, you name it… 😉 The Voronoi diagram […]

ROS Kinetic on Fedora 25

Hello all, installing ROS kinetic proves to be a hassle compared to indigo which was so straight forward and nice. First step for installing kinetic on fedora 25 was to look at this link We will need to use qt5 so let’s have qmake linked to qt5 instead of qt4 using this simlink : sudo […]