Kalman Filter for sensor fusion

This post is about sensor fusion using the Kalman filter (KF) and Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). I am going to look at fusing accelerometer and gyroscope data and will touch on integrating GPS data. What this blog post isn’t This blog post is not meant to be explaining the basic of the Kalman filter but […]


Gmapping install with ROS

Ok a quick post because everytime I need to install it I get confused about what is what:  openslam_gmapping is the gmapping package for install in ROS. Findable here. slam_gmapping is the ros wrapper around Gmapping ROSified. You can find it here. I find it surprising that Gmapping was ROSified, to then need an additional […]

ROS Kinetic on Fedora 26/27

It is time for another ROS on Fedora post 😀 ! The tutorial on ROS on fedora 25 is sadly not enough to get ROS working on Fedora 26/27. So here goes. As in all other tutorials, one needs to start by downloading every ros packages. However, opencv3 compiled with qt5 is in the repo […]