ROS Kinetic on Fedora 26/27

It is time for another ROS on Fedora post 😀 !

The tutorial on ROS on fedora 25 is sadly not enough to get ROS working on Fedora 26/27. So here goes.

As in all other tutorials, one needs to start by downloading every ros packages. However, opencv3 compiled with qt5 is in the repo (yay) and I didn’t manage to get the ros version of stage to compile, and the one in the repo didn’t wotk for stage_ros so I removed all packages that depend on it :

rosinstall_generator-2.7 desktop --rosdistro kinetic --deps --wet-only --tar --exclude opencv3 stage stage_ros > kinetic-desktop-wet.rosinstall

This is not needed for Fedora 27 :D… Actually yes still needed 😦 For Fedora 26, pcl and/or vtk is still not compiled with qt5 so we got to compile them from source and use ccmake to toggle VTK_Group_Qt to ON and then VTK_QT_VERSION to 5. The last version of PCL should use qt5.

Now you can start compile all the packages.  But the Collada package may not compile for it cannot find dae.h. The solution is found here and, in a nutshell, one has to change version of COLLADA_DOM in src/collada_urdf_collada-parser to 2.4 (keep component 1.5) line 23.

Everything should now compile!

Catkin tools

Catkin tools is broken with the last version of GNU make. Anyway, it starts, runs and never starts any job, waiting for ever. It gives a an error saying that the maximum number of job cannot be calculated or something similar.

To solve this, apply this patch. I’ve install catkin_tools as a local package by doing pip install --user catkin_tools. This needed another fix using this patch.

Finally don’t forget to enable bash completion by adding this to your .bashrc​: source /home/[username]/.local/etc/bash_completion.d/catkin_tools-completion.bash

That’s it folks, have fun 🙂 !


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