The Duolingo experiment.

Hello folks, As I’m going to live in Sweden for quite a long time, I thought I would try a little experiment. Two weeks before the departure, I started an intense Duolingo/Memrise training in Swedish. My goal was actually to know how effective those methods are in learning a new language from scratch in a […]

Post Travel Blue

Does someone else have the Ctrl-S habit now ? I was just wondering because I do it all the time… Even now. Hello people, I’m back home and it feels… Well… weird. I never experienced travel blues before and it just hit me hard. ┬áBest way to express it (it was actually my ex-girlfriend who […]

Crazy is the new chic.

I made a list of what I should talk about and I cannot reach that list now. It sucks right ? All that to say that I pierced my nose and moved to Canada. But no one really care about that even if I tell you that nose piercing is not painful at all and […]