G2O optimization

This is going to be a really quick tutorial on how to visualize the results of the sphere optimizatino and the slam2d optimization of G2O.


We first are going to run the sphere optimization. We start by creating the sphere.

./create_sphere -o sphere.g2o

Running this program will create a sphere.g2o file that hold a sphere object to optimize.

./g2o_viewer sphere.g2o

Will load the sphere object in the g2o_viewer. Then you can just play with the interface to see the result of the optimization.


For visualizing tutorial_slam2d, run the program first.


This will create two output files tutorial_before.g2o and tutorial_after.g2o that, as one can guess represent the graph of the slam before and after the optimization.

Now the next step is to visualize the results.

Open the output files are remove TUTORIAL_ from every node and edge names. For example :

TUTORIAL_VERTEX_POINT_XY 1 -2.16519 -0.515911

Becomes :

VERTEX_POINT_XY 1 -2.16519 -0.515911

Finally, open each of the two files generated in g2o_viwer with

./g2o_viewer tutorial_before.g2o

You should see this as a result :

Skärmbild från 2016-06-20 19-23-06
Before optimisation
Skärmbild från 2016-06-20 19-22-54
After optimization

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