Note taking and science

Hej all,

I find it very hard to get organised with my project at work. Indeed, my old tools for productivity didn’t scale with the size of my current project and I needed to find something new.

So I’m going to write here my experience with different tools.


I’ve heard a lot of thing about evernote and everyone seems to love it.

I haven’t used it much for now but, I do not like it soooo much.

It’s a really handy tool, don’t get me wrong. But, in my opinion, it’s nowhere close to the promise it makes.

It is often described as a “write everything in it” tool but for my usage it misses a lot of features. Mainly markdown and latex support.

I know I may sound geeky but a notebook where writing equations is a pain is not a notebook for me. It’s a handy tool that cannot handle a science project.

I feel like evernote is the perfect tool to store a lot of random information but it is not somewhere where I can work.

Although, the notebook organisation is awesome and really clear. And the webclipper is fantastic


Pretty much the opposite of Evernote.

It supports markdown and latex but the web clipper is not as good as Evernote’s.

But it’s prettier, it feels awesome to write in it and, even though it needs more work than Evernote to get a post going, the result is a lot better.

Also the version controls and posts history are great.


Evernote and WordPress together could work really well :

  • Evernote : throw everything at it quickly and do not bother too much. Meeting, quick ideas, website not to forgot… Send it to Evernote.

  • WordPress : equivalent of a molestin. It is pretty, it is fancy, you want it to look good and you can write everything. But you don’t want to write everything in it, only the good stuff.

What is your experience with those tools ? Did you use Evernote for science or on big work project ? Do you know other software that are better than those two ? Feel free to tell in the comments 🙂


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