Kalman Filter C++

Hello folks, So it’s yet another Kalman filter tutorial. My main source was this link and to be honest my implementation is quite exactly the same. But in C++. I just though it would be good to actually give some explanation as to where this implementation comes from. My goal was to filter a random […]

Boost Graph

Hello all, EDIT 2 : updated version. You should still read (even quickly) this tutorial first as it covers important information used in the second tutorial. But don’t implement anything from here. EDIT : To whoever is reading this right, I am going to re-write this tutorial soonish (I hope). Everything below is perfectly valid […]

The Duolingo experiment.

Hello folks, As I’m going to live in Sweden for quite a long time, I thought I would try a little experiment. Two weeks before the departure, I started an intense Duolingo/Memrise training in Swedish. My goal was actually to know how effective those methods are in learning a new language from scratch in a […]