On the road again, how to make it with your life in a couple of bags.

Hello folks,

I’m moving to Sweden ! It’s official but I’m not realizing what a huge thing it is. It’s as if I just hoped on a plane for a short trip. Not to actually live abroad again.

I think it is all because in your mind, it’s a huge step. I mean something HUGE is happening and literally no-one realizes. It’s kind of frustrating.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about how to travel and fly with close to all your belongings (if your bag is somehow close to mine).

My bag is :

  • lots of clothes.

  • quite a few microelectronic stuff. This include :

    • 3 raspberry pi
    • 3 arduinos
    • sensors : IMU, ultrasonic, ir….
  • my computer

  • lots of music stuff. This included :

    • recorder
    • DI box
    • a zoom camera
    • a multiple headphone box
    • a freaking guitar
  • couple of junk memory stuff as postcards and letters.

  • important papers

  • and the usual passport, id card and all that.

So how did it went ? I’m going to present it with a P-B-F plan, literally packing boarding flying.


The packing is the longest most boring thing you have to do. It’s a necessity but, necessary never meant it’s pleasant.

Thing about everything you are taking carefully as weight is going to be quite an important factor. I do not like hard cover luggage and I prefer back packs. For me, it’s just a master of how convenient the back pack is after the actual flight. A luggage is the assurance of unused space in your flat, taken by an annoying object that you ain’t going to reuse in ages. Plus it’s absolutely inconvenient if your travel plan gets just a little bit messy. Running around, going out of the city in a random adventure, that you can do with a back pack but not with a luggage. Anyway, if you use a back pack (our two like me) do a favor to your back and think carefully as about what you are taking.

One of my strategy is to consider the price of transportation compared to the price of buying the same thing, brand new and balance this with the actual reasons for (or against) bringing you own. It works pretty well. For example when going to Canada for six months, I didn’t bring a guitar as I could buy a cheap one for such a short stay. Transportation price wasn’t worth it.

Now about the actual packing , I’ll advise one to put electronics in one’s hand bag, as much clothes as possible in the checked baggage with all the non allowed stuff because of the custom.

Call the company you’re flying with to know the procedure for stuff like guitars. You may have to by an extra seat. Or you may not. I had to if I wanted to take the guitar with me in the cabin with Norwegian air shuttles. It was either the cabin or with the checked luggage…


WEIGHT YOUR BAGS BEFORE CHECKING IN. And avoid directly asking the guy to do it for you on the spot like I did. It’s really annoying to realize your bag is actually lighter than expected and you have to quickly stuff it.

I had to buy an extra seat for the guitar. And I genuinely though that since every seat comes with a hand baggage, my guitar technically had one… But the guitar can’t carry its own hands luggage so NO was the answer I got when I asked. The condescending tone the employee used to tell me this while half laughing at me like if it was a stupidest reasoning baffled me. Isn’t the logic easy to get ? The hand baggage is offered because of the space in front of the seat. Since I am buying two full price seats, I should have two hand baggage !! But no. Guess that they would like you to have your money for quite any possible reason…


So this is how you are supposed to buckle up your guitar :


Most of the crew didn’t know and only one girl could tell me :p. You need to get the “extender” and put the guitar on the ground. I was lucky to not have any neighbor so I didn’t disturbed anyone.


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