That new phone

Hello all,

Today, I’d like to talk about my new phone and what I’m doing on it. Mainly it’s pro and cons and why you’d want or not to get it.

So my phone is a Cubot S308. It’s a chinese brand I bought from the Gearbest website here.

Mainly, it’s pro were the performances and look. It got a beautiful 5 inches screen, 2Gb of RAM, a quadcore at 1.3GHz and 13 Gb of internal memory. That’s pretty good considering that some cheap computer (I’m not looking at you chromebooks) got specs that are similar (apart from the screen, obviously).

After close to 3 weeks of using it, I can say it’s fluid and works great with all kind of apps. I’m not the “gamer” type when using my phone but for the few I’m playing it’s been a great experience. It’s fast and reactive. I know a lot of people hate having big screen but I must say I love it. It’s so much more comfortable when writing emails or reading your calendar for example.

Another great thing about it was the almost total absence of apps at first. Coming from a Cyanogen background, I was scared to have a million useless apps installed. It was not the case and I was very happy about this. Only Gapps, Gmail, YouTube and couple of other apps with wasn’t much.

Now let’s talk about the camera. The 8MP back and 5MP front (it’s 13MP and 8MP with interpolation) take good quality pics and are a real improvement compared to my old Motorola Atrix 4G. Snapchat lovers and people who don’t feel the new to buy a separate camera will be very pleased with this phone.

The phone was sent with a protective case. Nothing fancy but still cool.

Software-wise, it runs Andoird 4.4.2 (kitkat). Kit Kat was the most significant change to the look since Ice Cream Sandwich. The notification bar can easily be made transparent by apps and the immersion mode make this version of Android great, especially with this kind of screen.

Overall, it was great at first.

But with time, comes the cons.

HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU THINK THAT A 1GB DATA PARTITION IS ENOUGH. This phone got an incredible 13Gb of internal storage and you only get 1Gb of data partition. As a reminder for those that don’t know, the data partition is the partition where you install your apps. Thus, 1Gb really isn’t much as I was unable to install all of my previous apps. One will tell you that you can move apps to the sd cards but they ain’t all movable. Some are just unmovable, as in it’s not authorized to move them onto the sd card, period, while other got their widget unusable after.
I hit my maximum amount of app downloaded in as short as 2 days.

That’s for real. I can’t move a thing.

The battery as well is not very good. It can last a very long time while idle but as soon as you start using the phone the battery will die quickly. It is not very surprising considering you have a 2000mA battery for a 5 inches screen. The screen does drain the battery. However, if you mainly use your phone as a “classic phone” outside and watching YouTube videos at home this won’t be a major problem. You should just be aware of it.

Another problem I hit with this phone is that the battery isn’t well calibrated. Sometime it’s at 15% and the phone just die, saying it suddenly got only 0% of battery. That is very annoying and after a couples of “full charge – full discharge” cycles, the problem still is unfixed.


The Cubot s308 is a very good phone on a budget. I’d say you will love this phone if, like me, you are not the richest man in the world but love having good stuff and play around with it, tinkering and tweaking it.

  • Pros : hardware

  • Cons : the 1Gb data partition

Hope you enjoy :).


5 thoughts on “That new phone

  1. Just got a s308 to replace cubot P6 but it has 400Mb less internal storage for Apps! Can you really still move some Apps onto an SD card when running Kitkat just like I can on my P6 running jellybean?

    1. You can still move some of them but it’s limited. I think it depend on how the app was coded.
      Now my 1gb is full and I managed to move around 500mb of data on the SD card but I can’t do more that.
      I wrote to gear best to know of they have a solution to increase it but my guess is you’ll have to root your phone and install another rom with more space for data. There is a good one with explanation on how to do it on . Otherwise, I should soon post a tutorial on how to do it if I manage to and I find time to do it :).

  2. I wonder if moving apps in Kitkat really is more restricted than it used to be when running Jellybean. I know the ‘Google based’ apps could never be moved but things like BBC apps (I’m UK based) could be moved. Would love to know the answer because I am so disappointed that having just bought a Cubot s308 for its 16Gb and now finding I only have 0.89Gb for app storage, I’m seriously thinking of sending it back for a refund. The seller claims an SD card will help matters but I’d really value any further comments you can give on moving apps to SD card before I reluctantly
    return the phone

    1. I don’t know, I’m not using BBC apps. All I can tell you is that I installed 600mb of data to the SD card.
      Rooting the phone will not void the guarantee since you’re based in the UK (but make sure this is true, is a European thing. I know it’s true in France) but I don’t know if the ROM found on needrom are considered stock ROM. They are not cyanogen and flashing a stock ROM will not void the guarantee. Plus if it’s a stock ROM it technically doesn’t need the phone to be rooted. I’d like to tell you if it works but I didn’t found a way to flash it with the custom recovery and fastboot on my Linux doesn’t seem to be working with the cubot (as weird as it sounds). And the process on needrom is based on windows which I don’t have atm so I can’t try it now :/. Sorry.

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