What do you do ?

Printing dinosaurs skulls. That’s something.

Hej everyone !

How do you get to do stuff ? I think it’s a pretty hard question.

I don’t mean how not to procrastinate. More like how do you decide to do something. I’m having so much trouble to feel like I can do something and to get into a project. Even more to feel like I have a clever idea. I’m able to take on other’s project with very few problems but I’m having trouble creating my owns.

Dyson (the vacuum cleaner inventor yes) said that you need to find a common problem you’re facing and try to solve it. Guess I’m just to easy to live.

How did you get your own project idea ? Was it from a need, a simple idea… ? I’d like to know.

Best to all of you.

And if someone is selling a Roomba or something similar and can ship it to France, please tell me, I might be interested ! =D


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