Post Travel Blue

What if it follows you in the woods...
Kill… you…

Does someone else have the Ctrl-S habit now ? I was just wondering because I do it all the time… Even now.

Hello people,

I’m back home and it feels… Well… weird. I never experienced travel blues before and it just hit me hard.  Best way to express it (it was actually my ex-girlfriend who told me that) “it was as if I did not came back with all my head”. After a year of “anything can happen, everything is fun, everyday is new” going back to good old France is a shock.

And I Ctrl-S-ed again for nothing.

I know I need to settle a little bit to feel better. Being back in my hometown, in my now-divorced parent house doesn’t help. It feels inevitable and pretty sad. As to remind you that everything got to end at some point.

Did you ever feel like your life suddenly stopped ? But literally stopped. Not like a heart-attack, more like a “pause” during a good movie. Because that’s exactly how it feels.

And it doesn’t feel good because you don’t know when you’ll be able to push play again.


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