I’m not a body… I’m a free man!

Today I tried modelling for the first time.

My friend Tom, says that I always do crazy things because I never say no to all the random things that random people keep asking me if I want to try. Like this time I went to a concert of old star of the 50ies, with a guy I met 5 min ago,with tattoos on his arms, in his black 4by4 and that gave me a 100$ tickets to get in and pay for my beer. Just because he asked “Do you want to go to the concert ?” and I said “Yes sure” while getting in his car.

I know … I realized only later.

Modeling is something I never though of trying but I’ve always wonder how it “felt”. Curiosity more than really attraction to the field.
But today the occasion presented itself in front of me and I though : “why not?”.

Before all I’d like to tell you that I was diagnosis with Rosacea (even though I doubt it is Rosacea now, I’ll post about it later) and the symptoms are still visible : my nose is reddish, super sensitive. I feel totally paranoid about it and I though having people looking at me, as it being their actual job, could be a good experience in overcoming the fact that it’s very mild and not that visible.

So the opportunity came thanks to one of my friend named Genius (I’m not even kidding, real name here. Genius if you read that, I love you!). She said her agency was searching for models who “looked a bit homeless : piercings, messy hairs…”. Pretty much me.

So I said yes and went to a casting.

Here is how it went in a nutshell (I actually don’t really know what this expression means) :

  • First of all, the agency takes all your measurements : waist, butt, height, weight… Everything. It appears that usually models go through this routine daily.
  • Then you just got to meet the photograph and designer. I was not the only person at the casting, they were two other guys both foreign like me.

To me they seemed quite handsome compare to me.
I have no problem with my appearance. Apart from that redness on my face I’d even say I really like my body. But I have to say I’m not at all the stereotype of a model. They have big jaws, taller than me, good haircuts but most than all, confidence. They knew what they were doing here while I was utterly lost. I’m pretty much a shrimp and proud to be.

Don’t mess with the shrimps

One funny thing is how everyone kept asking me where I had modeled before, when and how. I had to discretely answer each time that it actually was my first time and that I actually was doing an internship here. No, not in modeling. So in what? In something unrelated… Like what ? Like robots…

I was ashamed of saying that I actually was an engineering student in Robotics doing this only for fun. It seemed unfair and seems inappropriate as everyone was so serious about it.

So I had to wear clothes way to skinny for me but it was fun. Different than usual. And a few shooting later I was free to go.

How did the shooting went? It’s fairly easy :

  • You take a few shot facing the camera. Some 3/4 and some profile. Each click on the camera is accompanied by a blinding flash straight to your face.
  • Then people talk about you in Cantonese. Probably commenting your overall look.
  • They ask you to do some shots from the back, from the front, looking down, smiling, they replace your clothes, measure the size of your legs, take a few shots, ask you to look natural, to do “cool” pose and then you’re free to go, they’ll call you. That’s it.

I think no one (including me before) have any idea how hard it is to “pose”. You have 2 second to think about a new pose to take before the flash carves your image in the camera. It’s really not much and you got to be creative because after 2-3 poses, you felt like you did all your body could do and all your mind could think of. I’m pretty sure improvising those poses becomes a reflex after some time. You just do it without thinking, moving your body with ease improvising something that is “cool” or “detached” or “dark”. It was not my case. I think they ask me to look dark and sad, and I kept laughing uncontrollably.

Ok, look at yourself in the mirror and try to do that without laughing…


And I went back home, feeling like I was a furniture the whole time of the shooting. Don’t get me wrong, they talk to you nice and stuff. It’s just that you’re supposed to be a living support,  thus I felt like a mix between a table and a cow.

Voilà ! I knew it was something !


So I went home.

But they called me back.

I had to come back and try lots of clothes again.
But in the end I got the job…

Even with my red nose skin. Which still amazed me a little bit.

I though people in this field were over obsessed about how they looked. It might not be that true.

Anyway, I’m really not sure I’ll say yes. It was fun. I did it for the experience, I wanted to learn how it was done and I did. Now it seems the fun is gone.

But there is a few questions and remarks that now I can’t seem to get out of my mind.

Honestly, what’s up with that world of beautiful people, travelling around, having people taking pictures of them and getting tons of money out of it. It’s sounds so unjust for all the poor average looking guys like (you ? and) me. My flatmate was having a good point on it. He said that when you get introduced to this world by someone you know like he and I were, you start comparing yourself to all those people you see there. Mostly it’s 18 years old boys that are tall and get to do awesome stuff like travelling around the world while they are young because people like their face. My, why wasn’t I born 5 cm taller ! If I knew I would have eat that soup my mother was trying to force into my mouth when I was younger. Have I knew, I would have.

Second is how can you like to do that ? I’m honestly wondering what pleasure you really found in doing modeling. I understand that the associated life style is really cool but what pleasure do get from your actual job ? Do people get to feel like they are participating in showing the best of the cloths they have to wear ? I mostly felt like a coat hanger… And it was not pleasant at all but it’s maybe/probably because I’m not use to it and I felt really uncomfortable. But from my point of view, being the designer seems a lot more fun. If you did some modelling, feel free to comment on what you actually like in your work !

See you later folks ! It’s 4AM I need to sleep !

And if you ever think about doing modeling, know you have your chance, this is me in my good days :

I cut my hair since then…




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