The longest time to update ever

I think close to a year should be accepted as the longest time to update a blog ever. If you did better, I’ll be glad to know that this record as been taken away from me.


A lot a things happened. I finished my semester in Canada, I did a road trip in Peru and along the West American Coast. I’m now in Taiwan for a 6 month internship. I caught an incurable skin disease named Rosacea (ouch that sucks so bad) that I would like to share about, I also feel like I’m learning a million things at the same time. So I’d like to share about all those things I’m discovering. I realize blogging a trip is NOT my thing. Indeed I’m too much into what I’m discovering to just find time to write about it.

Well I’ll probably talk about Taiwan at some point anyways. Maybe just to tell how funny it is to not be able to throw away your garbage the whole day but just at certain hours. Or to rant about how the “Letter to Elise” song is getting on my nerve since it’s played everywhere. The worst being by the garbage truck…


So I’ll just share about what I’m learning using ROS (Robot Operating System), music composition on Linux (Ardour, Renoise, Jack and such) or anything else that I’ll be doing.


That’s it for today folks ! Hope to see you soon !


And here is me eating in a toilet. I love you all





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