Crazy is the new chic.


I made a list of what I should talk about and I cannot reach that list now.

It sucks right ?

All that to say that I pierced my nose and moved to Canada. But no one really care about that even if I tell you that nose piercing is not painful at all and I didn’t feel anything when the needle went through . Lucky me !

So today’s post will be dedicated to something I like to call the “Coolest people are always late” rule. It has nothing to do with parties and arrival times nor anything like that. I’m pretty sure you know that rule if you travel(ed) even just a tiny bit. It’s a rule that states that :

Thou shall always,

Always !

Meet the coolest people at the end of their or your Travel.

Basically it’s the idea because, life is a bitch.

It occurs to me that when you’re travelling, everyone is moving fast and not staying a long time at the same place. But even without staying long, you will always meet the guys with which you got most affinities at the end of your or their travel.

I have no idea how to explain that.

Two examples :

  • in Germany, Berlin, I met my German-girlfriend 2 days before she left. Before that she was living in France in a town just next to mine but I never saw her before.
  • I’ve spend 2 months in L.A and I met 10 different freaking cool people in Flagstaff one week before living.

I have no idea why this happen all the time but here are some speculations :

  • You’re at the end of your travel. So you have only one thing in mind : Whatever happen I will never see all those people again. And thus, you happen to be way more open and ongoing because you’re not afraid of anything. You’re crazy and people like that.
  • Since you’re at the end of your travel, you, as well, think : Let’s talk with any kind of people. Including those you would never have talk to. And they happen to be freaking interesting since they are really different !
  • Murphy’s law.
  • You have been meeting awesome people the whole time, without  really thinking about it, but  you only realize now how people are interesting because you can “see” exactly when you will not be able to see then anymore. And that sucks !

Anyway, I would then give you a piece of advice. Yes, I don’t need to be a 80 years old monk to do, so I can =P.

When one is traveling, one should be crazy, one should be entertained by everything, one should be able to see that everyone can be interesting and that there is something good in everything and everyone.

But one should surely not think to much =).

So go meet all those crazy cool beautiful people and enjoy.

And Vancouver is freaking awesomely beautiful.


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