A new start

Yes I know it’s bad.

I’m not starting my travelling blog at the start of my travel. And you know what : “better late than never”. Well, I guess it’s not even a correct English expression.

So starting today, I’ll be starting a blog. Guess what, that’s the purpose of that very first post. How exciting…

First thing first, my name’s Malcolm and it’s nice to meet you. I’m French so “pardon my English” and I will mainly talk about myself here. Well, myself and what happen to me while I’m abroad, after all you freaking don’t care about my life before that do you ? Well perfect we’ll be good friend. So I was saying it’s nice to meet you.

I’ll be studying 4-5 month in Vancouver for the time coming and I’ll talk about what happen to be different, what isn’t, what is cool there and what isn’t, all the stereotypes I hurt myself into and the ones that I discover to be true or untrue, all mixed a little bit of science, robotics, French and English. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Don’t hesitate to share whatever : experiences, things to see, opinions, ideas, photos, number, money, fame and pokemon. The world will be grateful to you and so will I.

See you son.

PS : by the way, I would LOVE to draw stuff that I see and all since I’m a huge fan of Comic  related blogs but I only have a camera (and I’m really bad at drawing) so, since I’m not that good of a photographer, please be nice with the arty part…




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